Why Rent To Buy

Why Rent To Buy2016-11-02T13:09:54+02:00

While many people choose our rent-to-buy option because they are blacklisted, there are many more reasons to make use of Blacklisted Car Finance, even if you do have a good credit score.

Benefits of Using Blacklisted Car Finance

  • Option to keep vehicle at the end of the 54 month rental period.
  • You’re free to terminate the contract early, if you wish.
  • We don’t use any middle-men or agents. You rent-to-buy directly from us. So there are no finders fees added to your deposit.
  • Selection of late-model pre-owned quality tested vehicles is almost endless, and we own all of them.
  • A cost-effective solution compared to other rent-to-buy offerings.
  • Payments are fixed over the entire rental period.
  • There is no mileage limit.

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