Alternative Car Finance for Blacklisted People

The time has come; you need to buy a car, but you’re blacklisted…. Being blacklisted is not a walk in the park. Your credit score will undoubtedly cause a lot of upset for you, especially when you need to buy a new car. Vehicle finance options for blacklisted individuals are limited, but not impossible. If you are blacklisted and need to buy a car, there are always alternative car finance options for you to consider. What’s the most viable alternative car finance option for blacklisted people? Rent to own vehicle finance, of course!

At No Finance Cars we often see consumers stunned by the convenience of our rent to own car deals. You might be wondering why rent to own car finance is ideal for blacklisted people. First and foremost, rent to own finance works quite differently to taking out a regular loan. You aren’t signing yourself into a hefty and long-term loan contract. You are merely renting the vehicle until such time as you have paid enough to take ownership of it or upgrade it to a better model. This comes with a wealth of perks and benefits too. For starters, you can change your mind about the vehicle at any time. If you cannot afford to continue with the rental, you can discontinue your contract, while taking into account our simple terms and conditions of course. You can also save on costs as there is no middleman and no finder’s fees to cover.

Requirements for blacklisted people to qualify for rent to own vehicle finance

  • Valid South African driver’s license.
  • Minimum deposit of R10 000 available (this can vary depending on the vehicle that interests you).
  • Minimum monthly earnings of R12 000 before deductions.

For more information on car loans for blacklisted individuals, contact us at No Finance Cars. Alternatively, apply for rent to own car finance with us today.