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New or used – what’s the best car to buy?

Buying a vehicle is exciting but can also be daunting. While there are many questions to consider before taking the leap, the first that should be answered is, 'Should I buy new or used?'. At Blacklisted Car Finance, we endeavour to answer all your questions relating to that all-important purchase, starting with the most important [...]

New or used – what’s the best car to buy?2016-04-25T07:19:08+02:00

Get a Car Without an ICT Check

Millions of South Africans have trouble applying for credit and bank finance each day because of problems related to their credit score. Whether you have judgements against your name, a blemish or two on your credit record, or if your budget is stretched a bit thin, you may have experienced the anxiety of waiting for [...]

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5 Things to Remember When You Buy a Car

Buying a car, whether it’s new or used, is a pretty big task that can be quite scary, especially if you’ve never bought a car before. And because buying a new car is so important, this is really one of those instances where what you don’t know can definitely hurt you. So here are a [...]

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How to Buy a Car When You’re Blacklisted

Do you need to buy a car, but you’re encountering problems because you’re blacklisted or because your credit score is poor? Have you gone to the banks and other private sellers only to be turned away? Is having a car essential to you repairing your credit score? Cars for Blacklisted People You may have seen [...]

How to Buy a Car When You’re Blacklisted2016-11-02T13:09:56+02:00

Buying a Car With a Bad Credit Rating

Without a decent credit rating you can find yourself in a pretty sticky situation when it comes to getting home loans, car finance, or even a personal loan from the bank. But even if you are trying desperately to get car finance and are getting nowhere with the banks, there are a few other options [...]

Buying a Car With a Bad Credit Rating2016-11-02T13:09:57+02:00

Buy a Car With No Financing

There could be a number of reasons why you may choose a rent-to-buy option when getting your new car. A poor credit rating or blacklisting could prevent you from obtaining a loan, or you may simply not want to go through the usual channels. Different Types of Car Finance When financing a car through a [...]

Buy a Car With No Financing2016-11-02T13:09:58+02:00