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Get a car without taking out a loan

If you're in the market for a car, you have probably made peace with the fact that you'll have to borrow money from the bank in order to buy it - but is this really true? There are many good reasons to avoid taking out loans and buying a car on credit: The difficult application [...]

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Disadvantages of Bank Vehicle Financing

There’s no denying the fact that having your own vehicle is essential in South Africa. For most people, qualifying for vehicle financing is the first step in the process of owning a car – but should you necessarily opt for bank vehicle financing? Here are a few reasons why you may want to give the [...]

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Reasons to get a rent to own car

Many people overlook the option of renting or leasing a vehicle when looking to buy a car. The concept of rent to own car programmes is in many ways a great deal more beneficial to consumers than acquiring vehicle finance and buying your own vehicle outright. An initial and welcome benefit of rent to own [...]

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Comparison Between Sales Agreement And Rent To Buy Option

Comparison Between Sales Agreement And Rent To Buy  Option             Sales agreement                                                         Rent to buy 1.Ownership immediatly           [...]

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Get an affordable car when blacklisted

Most blacklisted individuals are convinced they will never again obtain credit and, if by some stroke of luck they do, that they will be heavily penalised.  Relief abounds when they realise this is not the case. Rent-to-own This type of agreement is a legally documented transaction under which tangible property is leased in exchange for [...]

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The Advantages of Rent-To-Buy Cars

A bad credit score is the last thing that anybody wants. If you're blacklisted it could cripple you financially and prevent you from being able to lead a normal life. These days it is an absolute necessity to have access to your own transportation – to get to work and earn money and to complete [...]

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Buying Your First Car With No Credit History

Buying your first car can be a difficult process to go through. Perhaps you’ve landed a new job and now you need a way to get to the office, but you don’t have your own transport. Now, on top of having no car, you also have no credit history. Your credit history is a record [...]

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What Does Rent-To-Buy Mean?

Buying a new car can be difficult for most people. Getting car finance from a traditional finance institution, such as a bank, becomes even more difficult for those with poor credit ratings and those who have been blacklisted. And then, if finance is granted the repayment terms could prove to be difficult. A bank may [...]

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