Reasons to get a rent to own car

Many people overlook the option of renting or leasing a vehicle when looking to buy a car. The concept of rent to own car programmes is in many ways a great deal more beneficial to consumers than acquiring vehicle finance and buying your own vehicle outright. An initial and welcome benefit of rent to own vehicle options is that after your 54-month rental period, you can choose to keep the vehicle or can opt to upgrade to something newer and better. Of course there are a multitude of other benefits and below we take a look at the top 3:

  1. Rent-to-own vehicles offer freedom to drivers. With a rent to own deal, you will have a rental contract that isn’t affected by the strict terms of regular vehicle financing. This means that you can cancel your contract at any time, as long as you cancel your agreement according to the terms and conditions in place. You can upgrade or downgrade to suit your budget and available finances.  This is ideal in today’s economic climate.
  2. Quality vehicles at cheaper rates. You will appreciate this when comparing rent to own vehicle deals with regular vehicle finance deals. How do we do this? Vehicle rental or leasing companies aren’t responsible for paying finder’s or broker’s fees. This means that the overall cost of the vehicle is kept low and this is great for your pocket.
  3. A fixed repayment for the full 54-month contract. With rent to own vehicle finance deals there’s no fluctuation in the instalments. The rate you are quoted when you sign your contract is a fixed amount. You won’t pay anything more.

As with any finance agreement, there are basic criteria that an individual must meet with. To qualify for a rent to own vehicle deal with Blacklisted Car Finance you must meet with the following requirements:

  • You must have a minimum of R15 000 available as a deposit.
  • You must earn a minimum of R12 000 per month before deductions.
  • Applicants must be in possession of a valid South African driver’s license.
  • You need to provide documentation which includes: most recent payslip, 3 months bank statements and proof or residence.

Learn more about rent to own vehicle deals by getting in touch with us at Blacklisted Car Finance today.