How Rent to Buy Works

How Rent to Buy Works2016-11-02T13:09:54+02:00
  • Do you have a poor credit rating?
  • Are you blacklisted?
  • Can’t get finance?
  • No Problem!

With Blacklisted Car Finance, we can offer you a quality tested pre-owned vehicle, regardless of your credit score.

You just need to meet our minimum requirements to get your very own car, with no credit financing.

Minimum Requirements

  • deposit of R15 000,  minimum. This can be higher, depending on the vehicle you choose.
  • R 12 000  gross monthly income or higher (income before deductions)
  • A valid South African driver’s license (unendorsed)

Rent-to-Buy and Avoid Financing

The one-of-kind rent-to-buy programme lets you drive around  in a quality tested used vehicle, easily. Apply today!

And at the end of the set rental period, you have the option of either returning the vehicle or keeping it. Otherwise, we give you the option to upgrade to a better car model. Alternatively, exercise the upgrade option (provided you have handled the account well) and move on to a better vehicle.

With us, getting your very own car couldn’t be simpler because you don’t have to get bank assisted finance approval. Apply today to take advantage of our exciting promotions.

Contact us today, and one of our consultants will walk you through the application process.